XOTIC Tourbillon JJT-1 La Chartreuse


Brand:  Montres Allison

Model:  Tourbillon Las Vegas – Ref:JJT-1

Montres Allison XOTIC tourbillon

Hi-tech design using amazing materials, equipment, and processes, Montres Allison is able to produce unique, amazing timepieces unlike anything else on the planet.

Comprised of re-purposed components from exotic cars.  Each watch comes with a Passport book which details the source of the material for a particular component.  For example, if the caseback is made from a Lamborghini Aventador carbon fiber hood, it is indicated in the Passport book.

Your exquisite Montres Allison XOTIC tourbillon comes with a beautiful box and all the other accoutrements presented in a unique, first-class manner that one might not expect from a sports watch.

Call/Text 720.722.1177 to inquire.

email:  info@montresallison.com

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